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"Beware of Uk based Solicitors"

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Originally posted by quelque
12-Jul-04, 09:54 AM (BST)

LAST EDITED ON 12-Jul-04 AT 12:31 AM (BST) by ForumAdmin (admin)

"We just took possession on our house in France(yea!)in spite of receiving absolutely no help from a UK based Solicitor for which we paid 1,300. They did absolutely nothing outside of sending us a report at the last minute after many phone calls that consisted of about 12 paragraphs with a covering letter with question marks because they had no idea of payments etc.. Please beware, if you feel the need to use one of these firms perhaps get a reference. I am so angry and feel we were totally taken for a ride."

Please PM quelque for the name of the solicitor in question.

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I stated a name that rhymed with the firm that was deleted. Please feel free to send a PM to me for the name. I would be more than happy to prevent another poor soul being ripped off in this way. I am happy to see that they at least have some sort of protection.
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