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I do agree. I find the use of this am and pm business very strange, particularly in an international context. I have a french friend who lets her property through Brittany Ferries. They provide a postcard for new arrrivals to send to advise her of their time of arrival. When people write to say that they will be arriving at 6pm she gets extremely confused and imagines that they will be turning up at 6 in the morning. Fortunately she checks with me for a 'translation'.
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Gill, I agree entirely and 09.40 pm is utter gobbleydeegook. But it's amazing how many people still can't fathom the 24 hour clock and it completely throws most Americans.

Which reminds me, I was talking to a young American man on the phone the other day and in answer to a question from him I replied, "in around a fortnight's time". He asked rather apologetically, "Er, remind me again, how many days is that?"...


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