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Firewall/Anti-Virus Problems

Dick Smith

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Dick is right I'm afraid - this sort of problems are endemic in the internet software field. The whole "thing" is so complicated that it is nigh-on impossible to test every bit of code in every circumstance. The Authors of this software have probably underpriced it and are having difficulty keeping up with the bug reports...

Now, is it my imagination or is this forum getting really slow? Some pages, especially the front page or topic front pages are taking (perhaps) 10 times longer to load than when the s/w was first implemented. Is this an indexing or processing problem? Too much information to draw from too many files?

Not that I really care, I don't seem to have any of the problems that most describe. Interesting to note that I don't run any AV software or firewall - I don't need to; I can't explain why I don't need to (I have dabbled with a few and it made no difference), but I have never been "attacked" by a virus. I receive plenty (all those inevitable emails), but no AV software catches those & all I do is delete them.

20 years ago, at the beginning of the "personal" computer revolution, some of those of us who played with early IBM PC's (having graduated from Apples, Dick) were convinced that dedicated hardware (rather than generic hardware & dedicated s/w, a la PC) was the way to go. What a******up that was (that is a c o c k, BTW). Can't get viruses in a hardware-only solution, though...

In typing this rubbish, I have discovered another bug; If one spell checks half way through a post, the smelling chucker seems to run itself when you recommence your typing, starting from the beginning of the message (including words you have already ignored), making it impossible to finish your typing. A preview or post/edit seems to fix/stop it. Then again, if you can't see the SC in the first place...

I think I will go to bed ...........

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Have you seen a report that the most virus-attacked OS is Linux, followed by Windows, with Unix (and of course Mac OS which is Unix really) as safe as houses. That might support your idea of unchecked code - Linux is too diffuse and Windows is - well, not checked.

I suffer from this a lot now - a lot of commercial sites are very choosy about who they communicate with. For example I found myself unable to buy a shed this evening...

There are other bugs in the system to do with 'posts since last visit' - very haphazard, and as you say serious slowing down when loading the front page and many others.
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[quote]I don't seem to be able to reply to Admin's post on this.I am getting a bit cross here - it isn't just Norton/IE. I use neither and I have the same problems. It's to do with the architecture or implem...[/quote]

This is to do with the actual software itself - browser compatibilty for Macs. see:


Looks like this will be improved with the next version of the forum software (3.5) which is due out in a couple of months, that and being able to edit the quote feature.

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