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Good Morning,

How come that everytime I ask the Recent Topics button to show me postings either 'since your last visit' or from 'last 24 hours' it never shows me anything like the actual number of postings. With last 24 hours, it only ever starts with postings from today and it can't cope at all with postings since my last visit.

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I'm so glad someone else has found this - I have only just noticed that using the "Recent postings" button was causing me to miss all sorts of messages.  Thought it was just my little grey cells going off again!   I assume it can only cope with a certain number and so the lower topics never get a look in....?




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The simple (but admittedly unhelpful) answer is that that function doesn't work properly. I hope that when the promised next version of the forum software is released it may cure this bug, and a few others. By selecting 'last 12 hours' or 'last 24 hours' you can sometimes get something that approximates to recent postings

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