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Increasing Forum font size


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I read Georgina’s comments on the Forum’s small default font size in a reply in the “Why is this site so sloooooow?” thread.  (The problem is that the “View > Text size” [increase] function has no effect on the Forum font size).


I thought I’d reply in a separate thread as this may be of interest to others – there IS a way to increase the font size (other than buying a 21” monitor!)


By making the following change to Internet Explorer, the “View > Text size” drop down menu will work and you will be able to select the font size you want.


Click on the “Tools” drop down menu then “Internet Options…” > (“General” tab) > “Accessibility…” > and tick the “Ignore font sizes specified on web pages” box and click on “OK”.


Note that making this change may upset the formatting of other websites and cause text to overlap pictures etc.  If this happens, simply untick the “Ignore font sizes specified on web pages” box when viewing other websites.


Hope this helps

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