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Formatting Text in a Posted Message


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I have been unable to get the WYSYWIG message editor to work. I always get the basic test editor and cannot set font, font size, colour, etc.

I have tried changing the Control Panel Options (for the message editor) and logging out and back in again but they have no effect.

Is it because I'm not using Microsoft software. I've seen that the forum software is implemented in asp.NET. With Microsoft stuff it often requires you to use Microsoft at both ends. (e.g. some of www.microsoft.com will only run in Internet Explorer - but it tells you that when refusing to do things). If this is the case I will give up trying things, but if it should work on a non Microsoft browser, anybody any ideas ?)

No Internet security other than a Firewall (ZoneAlarm - which should not affect this). also running Norton Anti-Virus (which should not affect this) and my Spyware protection is "on-demand scans" so should not affect this.
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I'm using Firefox (which I guess is actually Mozilla).

Thanks, I'll give up playing around with it then as I really don't get on with Internet Explorer (after having got used to a tabbed browser, I find IE just awkward and limited).
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Yes, I tried it in Microsoft Internet Explorer and got the good editor with formatting. Even got a spell checker button.

Unfortunately I really like Firefox – I find it a lot better than Internet Explorer (and it doesn’t lock-up on about 50% of web sites as my Internet Explorer does) – so I do not plan to change back.

I guess its my own fault for not being Microsoft everything and having the nerve to use something non-Microsoft (I’m waiting for the men in white coats to arrive).

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