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Forum Admin. please, How do we Post a Photo?

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There seems to be a problem in inserting photos in posts.  Apparently we can see the photos we have inserted ourselves, but others cannot see them.

There are several of us having this problem (please see "Exotic Weeds" Gardening section) where we can't insert a photo, all we are getting is a little cross (in more ways than one!).

Is there an explanation or a remedy for this please?

Many thanks, Christine

Can you see this?

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That's fantastic Mr. Russethouse!  Many thanks.  Which sausage did you choose, it looks as if it was going to be a difficult decision...

I shall have to follow your advice and give it a try, it seems to be in ze Bucket!

(I asked, as a joke, someone to post a photo of his poolside lounge chair he is looking for, thinking he was "au courant".  He has taken me for my word and has also just got a little cross!  Perhaps I'll put hilm on to you).

Best wishes, Christine

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Mr. Russethouse, I think the Chorizo was a wise choice (surtout avec un verre de Rosé!)

Now I am afraid this is the best I can do, I'm in a big mess!  Can't use the link, can't use the insert a picture (little mountain), can't make either work.  So here is copy and paste!  I need more lessons...

<script language=JavaScript></script><script language=JavaScript src="http://servedby.advertising.com/site=705592/size=728090/bnum=75372228/optn=1"></script>
 Photobucket HomeUpgrade | HTML Practice | Recent | Search | Log Out

Mr. Russethouse, this lady (below) is not me either (except perhaps for the


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When you have added a photo to photobucket, you should be either given a http link to it that you can insert into the forum ie for the donkey above the url is: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a269/lavande/teteane.jpg

When you click the  button, it should say 'picture source' and this is where you type in the URL (as above).

If you can't see the  button you can insert a pic by using the <img src="http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a269/lavande/teteane.jpg"> within the HTML screen (tab between design and HTML)

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