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Just a friendly reminder from the admin team...

You will probably recall that we made a concession under the 'no advertising' rule that forum users could put a single link to a personally-owned web site in their signatures. This was not intended to give people a way to use the forum to advertise their products or services, rather to show that they may have relevant experience to allow them to advise on matters French with some authority.

We have noticed that a few signatures have been growing. If your signature is one of those that has more than just one web link, or contains extra text, please edit it in your personal profile. As the rule has to be applied across the board in order to be fair, this applies just as much to personal or non-profit links as to businesses.

You are of course allowed to include your own name (but not a company name) or your forum nickname in your signature. We also encourage people to include a department number in the signature to show your location. These do not count as 'extra text'.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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My signature, and several others, were imported from a previous version of this forum. But I think if you can write HTML code it is fairly easy. For example, my signature shows in my profile as Will  <a target=_blank href="http://www.vienormande.com/" target=_blank><EM>http://www.vienormande.com</EM></A><BR></P>

I hope that means something to you [:)]

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