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I'm really losing patience now


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Hi everyone,

I really need to use the search facility at the moment but I have no control panel no authors names and it's really getting to me!

Ron was kind enough to pm me the other day which temporarily resolved the prob, but only for about an hour.

Please would someone - anyone - pm me again in the hope that it will at least allow me to search again.

thanks very much

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Thanks Ian for the link - but this is all that it came up with - very frustrating!!!! Thanks also for 'signing' your posting cos otherwise I wouldn't know who you are as I still have no author names.


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How did you in the get into your control panel, as i currently cant either. Not been able to get into recent topics now for a few days, it was said it had something to do with my java script, but i have tried a few things but nothing seems to work


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