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Good morning Rosiegirl,

I am a new to this Forum but I have always been a long established newsstand reader of Living France & its sister publications. As I am now approaching retirement and the wish to move to France, I thought that by joining the Living France Forum I could "communicate" with like minded people either here in the UK or France.

What struck me immediately when I signed up was not only it being a slow site, but also my particular problem of not seeing the authors name in the display, or for that matter; finding the control panel.

I really don't know why as it does not happen elsewhere. However, I am "pleased" that it just not me. We could possibly petition Johnny Hustler and ask him to speed things up a bit. His email address is; johnny.hustler@archant.co.uk



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There are continuing problems with the servers which host all of archant's 150 or so websites, this coupled with the forum software is contributing to the slowness of the site.

We are shortly moving to different forum software (community server) to improve search facility etc. Our IS team is looking into the server issue to improve it's performance...this seems to be ongoing at present but they are fully aware of the problems.

With regards to the poster's names not showing, this is probably due to your firewall (Norton?) blocking the javascript codes. Take a look at this thread which seems to have helped others with this problem...


In the meantime to get to your control panel (make sure you are logged in) and go here: http://forums.livingfrance.com/profile.aspx



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