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New forum broken in FireFox (1.5)


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[quote user="Deimos"]Same for me (again Firefox 1.5).



I use Firefox too and now I'm wandering around a bit more, I'm having a few problems seeing

functionality that others are talking about and isn't working for me. I

don't think the emoticons are inserting themselves either [W]... oh,

maybe they are. I think I will wait before commenting further to see if

it is Firefox conflicting with the software... or user incompetence!

Possibly the latter.[:#]

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[quote user="Hegs"]

Can't read Private messages. None of the links on that line (Active, Unanswered) etc are clickable, nothing happens when you hover over them.

IE works just fine.


As a workaround in Firefox for the broken links try, View->Page Style>No Style  This makes the links clickable, so then select the required link and restore the style with View->Page Style>Basic Page Style

BTW running the CSS through the WC3 validator, http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/, reveals quite a few errors.

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