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On the new forum I cant really read any of the words. The font sizes are microscopic. The heading(top line) and ads are perfect size as is the next line after that everything is in miniture. The forums and individual subjects are nearly unreadable, the aviators and names, locations are mere dots. I am sure there is something in IE that I can change but cant find it. Two or three sites are like this out of the hundreds I visit each day, any ideas?



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Well, Widnesbob, if all else fails, you can come over to my place and read the forum. In fact, scratch that idea - just stay where you are and I'll point my computer screen towards you and you should be able to read the posts from there without recourse to a pair of binoculars or a high-powered telescope![:O] I've set the font size to small, and I suspect that from space you'll be able to read the forum quite easily, even if you can't quite make out the Great Wall of China![;)]

Having read the various posts on this subject, it seems that in the lottery of who- got- what when the softare was migrated, you either got the top or the bottom row of the eye test chart!! No doubt we'll all meet somewhere in the middle in a few days time!

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The problem is in the Stylesheet the forum software uses, in the New Forum Software' thread I have posted a sloution to the problem (for the forum dev team)

Simply holding down the Ctrl key and using the mouse scroll wheel will sort adjust the font size

At least with this version of the software you CAN adjust the font size which is a step forward

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