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Caret in Post “editor”


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The caret (vertical bar showing where the “cursor” is

positioned for text entry) is a bit “iffy” in Firefox 1.5 (maybe other

browsers, I don’t know and my Mac is not connected to the n/w at the moment.


When an empty edit box has the focus there is no caret.  Also, sometimes deleting back from the end

of entered text can cause the caret to disappear, I’ve seen this after deleting

a newline (i.e. caret does not go back to the end of the previous line.


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Part of the problems might relate to the formatting.  If you type more than one paragraph formatted

text into e.g. work using a different font to the post editor default (e.g.

Verdana 8 point).  Then cut the text

from e.g. work and paste it into the post editor and all paragraphs except the

last one take the post editor default font. 

The last paragraph of what you have pasted will keep the font you set in

e.g. Word.



an aside, is there any way to set the default font, size, etc. for posts you

enter (i.e. defaults for the post editor).  But the font does not show in the post in the thread.  However, if you go back and edit, the font show as you pasted the text.

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