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Hi, I can't find a button to mark everything as read. I also don't know

how to just get the threads since I last visited. It just keeps showing

me pages and pages of stuff I have no interest in and no time to read.


I also don't like that the threads are not sorted by heading, when I

click for example 'Not Read', so I'm forced to read each title rather

than scan the posts.

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Flipping heck! I've just spent AGES going through all the different

headings, reading what I wanted to read, go back to the heading index,

down the bottom, options, mark as read, back to the main index, onto

the next heading.... It's just too complicated. Why did it have to

change? It was great before, especially as one could read the first few

words of a post without actually clicking on it as well.

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[quote user="PaysBasque"]Why did it have to change? It was great before...

Just goes to show that you can't please everybody. It changed because we thought the previous version of this forum was universally unpopular, as it was slow, many of the facilities and options were not available to a significant number of users, the search did not work properly, the 'recent posts' bit was somewhat iffy too... We could go on. A fix for the problems had been promised by the software company, but we had waited well over a year for this to be released, and were still no nearer a working version of the software. So a change was inevitable.

I agree that a lack of 'mark as read' or 'posts since last visit' is a right pain; it's a problem that wasn't apparent until this far more active forum (compared with the other Archant one we were shown) was migrated to the new system. Archant's IS people are looking at it next week - there seems to be a good chance they can add something to the code to give us what we want.

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Agreed Mike, I'm using the same 'active' option to see recent topics, and think that it probably is as useful as the 'recent posts' bit of the old forum. I'd still like a 'mark as read' button, which would give the 'not read' option some relevance. I think many other users agree, and hope it will be possible once the experts get to work.

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