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Had to reregister

nom de plume

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I tried logging in with the password I thought was correct but it tells me it is invalid.

When I tried to reregister it said my email address was already being used by another member.  So I have been forced to make a new registration using a different email and user name.

is there a way to get back to being me?



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There seemed to be a problem with your post, as I couldn't reply to it. It was connected with a non-reproducing graphic in front of the text, which fortunately I was able to edit out so all is back to normal by now. Did you by any chance try to use a smiley at the beginning, then partly remove it, or did you cut and paste from a word processing program? Either of these could have caused the problem. 

You should have been able to pretend to have forgotten your password when logging in - you would then have been sent a new password, and you could change it back to your remembered password in 'edit your details' (the change password option is at the top of the left hand box). Note that this forum needs passwords of at least six characters in length. This has worked for several users who were having difficulty.

Forum admin has now sorted out the problem I had with editing user details, so if you would like to contact me by private message (using the 'pm' button below this message) with details of the e-mail address you previously used for logging in, and your old user name, I should be able to re-set your password and give you back your original details. You will need to use private messaging because the site e-mail option has been temporarily disabled due to another slight problem.


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