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Can't move back and forth

val douest

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Under the old system I used to be able to move back and forth between

the posting I was writing and the post to which I was replying. 

When I try to do that now I find my almost completed posting has

disappeared when I go back to it!  Very frustrating!  I am

using an Apple Mac and I know there are sometimes problems which don't

arise with a PC but up until now I have found no problems with the

changeover.  Is this something I will have to live with or is it a

bug which can be sorted?



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I may have mis-interpreted your question, but if you press

the “Reply” button in the post you are actually responding to, that post (the

specific one from the thread) will be displayed on the same page as you are

entering your post on.

Alternatively you could maybe try using a tabbed browser

(e.g. Firefox available for Max OSX) or type your response into a work

processor (separate from your browser (thus use your browser for viewing the

post(s) you are replying to) then, when ready press the “Reply button” and cut

and paste the text from the word processor.

Just some thoughts


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The easy way, which I think works on a Mac as well as a PC, is to have two windows open - use one for replying, and the other for reference (to earlier posts or other parts of the forum). The only time this seems to confuse the system is if you are trying to use two user names at the same time, which may crash it completely - I found that out when trying to investigate a log-in problem on behalf of another user, and isn't something that should occur under normal use [:D].

Having said that, I find the back and forward buttons work OK for me, but perhaps you are doing something slightly different.

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Val, I have had the same problem and it is very annoying. It is not just applicable to Apple Mac as it is the same on a PC. I think that Ian's suggestion which I use on long responses it currently one solution.


Bill, I missed your posting and agree with  your solution of opening 2 windows which is what I have been doing. However, another problem has arisen, as I felt I had duplicated your posting so I tried to use delete and it does not work, in fact it blew a fuse and would not even allow editing, so I had to open another window to carry out this editing.


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