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Now I just did a search on 'fosse' to see if my reply to a post went missing or if the same query was posted twice and I replied to another thread - and I haven't a clue since all the items which came up (including lots of old stuff) came up in no sort of order - impossible to find the latest posts.

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I'd noticed that too Debra, if the posts are not sorted by date it makes it really hard to find what you're looking for.

I think at the results need to be sorted by date by default, with the newest posts coming up first.

It would also be useful to have the option to search for posts within a given period (last week, last month, last quarter, last year, older than one year) as we had before in the old forum.

I also find having to add the 'AND' 'OR' operators manually a bit clumsy, it's not very user-friendly and is not what you would expect from brand new software.

I expect the developers have quite a list of "things to do", but I'm not having a pop as generally the new forum is remarkably bug-free.

I think it might be a good idea if all posts dealing with improvements/problems were posted in the same area, as this would make it much easier for the developers to keep track of things, and at the moment there are posts of this sort in at least two different areas.  Could admin perhaps create one specific area for bug-reports/improvement requests? That way we could be more sure we weren't reporting something that had already been spotted.

(Can you tell yet that I used to be a software QA manager?) [:$]

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The search facility doesn't seem to be any better than the old one.

We do seem to have lost a number of useful features.

Who is viewing/online; the immediate appearance of a new post; view all posts of a particular poster.

The language filter seems a bit fierce too; I have seen the word 'bre ast' asterixed.

We also seem to have lost a large number of posters. At times, before the change-over, there were 10 or more people viewing the Post Bag alone, with others scattered throughout the forums. Now there is rarely anyone anywhere. I know Alcazar mentioned this in another thread, and it was suggested that it was the run up to Christmas, but the forum was much much busier this time last year, and although it was relatively quiet before the change, it was still much busier than this.


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