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Sometime back (July, I think), we responded to a 'swimming pool - non delivery' posting.
The company concerned was (is!) Castorama direct - with whom we had some serious 'delivery' problems...goods ordered in April & not delivered by end June.....
The outcome is - we aproached `Association des Consommateurs' in Gueret (23) and presented them with all documentation (copies of Order/emails etc) ...soon to receive a phone call and email from Stephane Cossart - the Director of said company and closely followed by delivery of the ordered goods, as well as a 'bon d'achat' for 100...to be spent on "our next purchase from Castorama direct".
So - we ordered a satellite dish kit (3rd August) which arrived today.....sadly, without the important LNB!
A further phone call to Casto + a follow-up email to M.Cossart and it's promised for delivery next week (???).
Should anyone need to expedite their order from this company, may I suggest they contact:


His english is impeccable and he obviously does NOT like his organisation from appearing 'incompetent'

Good luck to all internet shoppers in France (especially those who use this Company!)

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Thanks for this.

It was me who posted the thread regarding non-delivery of swimming pool.

I am glad you had a success story and that you have taken time to put the contact details on this site, I wish we had them at the time and am keen to hear that you found an organisation which was willing to help - something I will remember to use in the future.

With regards to our pool, it never arrived so we cancelled it in the end. We received no apology only an email (3rd only) from Casto confirming they would re-imburse us the amount - nearly 4 months after taking several thousand euros from us.
Thinking about it I am tempted to write to him and politely explain our very unprofessional experience, hopefully this 'might' have an impact somewhere in the organisation and go someway to improve things - well just maybe.

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