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Why is it we cant look at an entry from a thread and see if the person is on line at that time anymore. It used to be useful to see who was on line, because you could, possibly, judge if you would get a reply soon or not?

I suppose that it is the march of time and 'ALL' improves with time (in-yer-dreams!). My back gives me some gip now that the passing of time don't improve!!!!!!!!

(poor old) John.

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[quote user="Forum Admin"]

You can see if particular members are online as the icon next to their name in a post will be lit.

There is no members list as such as the forum is shared with 50+ other Archant websites...ours being just one branch of the forum 'tree'..


That might be the theory, but it doesn't seem to be working.

For example James, you replied to this thread today at 10:45, but if I look at your "online" icon it is greyed out, and if I hover over it it tells me that you are offline, and were last active on the 20/03/2006.

In fact, I can't see a single "lit" icon anywhere.

EDIT, I've just had a look at my own icon, for this mail, and it's telling me I'm not online either, and that I was last active on February 16th [^o)]



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Me neither. Not online, yet here I am.

Anyway, what J was referring to was different.

You knew when you came online who was online. You didn't have to sit there running your mouse over an icon that doesn't work to (not) see if they were around.

Oh well it's done now.


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