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Tis late will, and you're dealing with a techno idiot, but I opened an album with photobucket.  It was easy.

Then you have to put your photos in there. Have you done that, or anything like it yet?

If you haven't, then that's what you have to do. It is easy. Go here  http://photobucket.com/

See if you can get a couple of pics on. The dog would be a good start. Back tomorrow, unless you answer right now!




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Thanks Tresco. I have now put a couple of images in photobucket, so we'll see what happens. I'll try the various options for linking to my image from here and see if any of them work.


Aaaah - I see the problem. I have to put the URL of the image between [ I M G ] and [ / I M G ] tags (without the spaces of course). Yet another senior moment.

Let's try with one from my own site rather than photobucket:


That seems to have cracked it. Thanks again.


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It took me a lot longer than that Will.

I should have said choose the IMG option but it was so late. [B]

I've been reducing the size of some of them too (in 'Edit') as these big pictures can make the page lose its shape.

Now you can go googling for funny images. That's where I found DickSmith showing his Dark Side


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Little Fred looks lovely Will, so does the little Bichon.

Mrs. Tresco, when you Google to find an image, you don't have to go through Photobucket to put it on here (only when it's on your computer).  I suppose you can (but I haven't tried) do as Will from his own site using the IMG thing, but otherwise you can just right click on the picture you want, then left click on "copy" in the menu and back here ctrlV to paste.


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