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Question on posting images


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Can James or anyone else who knows the inner gubbins of the forum tell us if it matters very much, as far as the forum server is concerned, if members paste images into their messages rather than pointing to an image source?  I am imagining that it does, but if it doesn't it might solve Dog's hassle with images if it were okay to paste images.

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Hi Rustyhouse

Yes, the image has to exist at the quoted URL - move or delete it and the link won't work so you get the squiggly box effect [img] wot? no URL? [/img]  like that.

What I'm really driving at is, if we paste images into posts (which produces the same visible result as the img and URL method that I always use) is this going to give the forum server indigestion after a while by occupying a lot of disc space?  I believe this to be the case but I want to be sure.


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