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still trying to figure it out

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Hi Arthur.

There is a grey 'bomb' icon above user names to the left of each message. If you roll your mouse over it, it's supposed to tell you whether the person is online, or when they were last on line. Unfortunately, both are frequently way out! [:(]

Try it on my post and see what it says.

Edit/ I just tried it myself. apparently I am not online, and was last 'active' (that's a laugh) on the 21st. [:-))]

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I think it was on the old software.  You can see if a member is currently online by the little icon next to their name on a post being highlighted, but if there is a way of seeing a list of all logged in members, I haven't noticed it yet!
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which bit?  Hey - I just looked up your postcode-to-be and you're in the same place as some friends of ours who've just started up a new campsite!!  Nice place - about 20 mins away from our house!  Small world.  Next you'll be telling me you're visiting the Dales today!
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