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Every so often I have a look at the various blogs and one or two of them seem to be completely dormant. I can understand someone taking on a blog and then realising that, for whatever reason, they can't keep it going but I think that admin could do with an occasional check to see if any of them should be removed.

I am always pleased to see a new instalment on the ones that are being kept up so this is intended constructively.
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[quote user="PossumGirl"]Oh, that's not bad.  Okay, I will be a good Possum and do an update today.


Possum, you bad girl - you still haven't updated your blog (and I am one of your faithful readers)!

Dear Forum Administrator - the new blog that you mentioned does not appear to have been added to the Forum Home yet.

I just love reading other people's blogs (and would write one myself if only I would be moving to France, which I am not...).

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