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Clarification, please


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[quote user="Twinkle"]

Late last night I

posted a link on two threads that talk about my husbands band.  I was

informed by (a moderator) this morning that it wasn't allowed. 

Before these two threads exsisted I mentioned something about his

band on the "semi-final" thread this summer and (a moderator) re-located these

posts to a thread and gave it the name of my husbands band in the

Lounge section of the forum. We all carried on afor a couple of days

chatting merrily about their sucess. 

However, (the moderators) have now decided it's not allowed.  They pulled the two

threads -  but I just did a search using the name of the band and there

are still a couple of posts about them on "semi-final".  Maybe they

just deleted what you said refering to them on this thread. 

Complicated isn't it? 



I just clarify - were the threads pulled because they were regarded as

'advertising'?  Because this seems to be a very murky area.  I have

seen another thread where where a friend or acquaintance of a new

business owner encouraged forum members to support said business,

giving its name and location.  It was not pulled.  Are friends and

acquaintances are able to promote a business, but relatives can't

mention what their family are doing? 

Again, I can think of a

number of posts where members talk at length about work projects

connected with their business - how is that any better or worse?


not asking that these other threads be pulled - I just wondered how

Twinkle's was in contravention of the rules if those others are not.
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I am Twinkles friend and I think her husbands bands The Gartloney Rats and Doolin are brilliant and are really worth seeing.  They play at free festivals and get paid regardless who turn up.  However, they have such a huge following and are always packed out. Iif anyone would like the dates please pm me.

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Actually we have added her husbands bands website to her profile so anyone can click on the WWW tag at the bottom (left) of any of her posts to gain access to all this information which I believe will be constantly updated. You can I believe download some of their music as well. We have also attempted to add the website to her signature (which is permitted as you know) but unfortunatly it has not worked and the problem has been escalated to tech support.

Update - The URL is now added to her signature.

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So is it against the rules to talk about each of the following:

  • your own work projects
  • the opening of a shop whose owner you know
  • a show or other event with which you have a direct connection
  • a show or other event with which you have no direct connection
I still don't know. [8-)]

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Cassis, I am sure some will appreciate the humour of your suggestion but for the benefit of any newer members who are not quite familiar with the humour of some our longer standing members, no that is not the case.

For full details of what is and is not allowed to be posted within the forum please refer to the Code of Conduct which can be found at:


If anyone requires further clarification  of any points in the Code of Conduct then please contact either one of the moderators, or forum admin, PRIVATELY. We are all happy to answer PMs on this subject. Please do not discuss it within the forum.

In the interest of preventing this thread developing into a discussion regarding the administartion of the forum (which would be contrary to the Code of Conduct and result in its removal) I have now locked the thread.

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