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repeated posts under different headings


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There seems to be more occasions when identical new posts being made under different sections of the forum... (Finding French tutor in Paris being the latest and Reliable couple looking for work in the Loire being the worse under Earning a living, Gites owners, B&B owners and Western France!!!)

Whilst I understand the need to attract as wide an audience as possible, I quickly loose interest when replies are made to each individual thread and I have to keep switching back and forth to keep up!

Is there a way a little reminder could be included within the "Welcome to the forum" message, as this seems to happens mainly with new users?

PS: apologies if this is already done, in which case it doesn't seem to have any effect! [:)]

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Good point. The only threads that can be posted in more than one section are announcements for all members by Admin.


Please keep to the topic of the original thread and do not start more than one thread about the same topic in different sections. This will help users to locate the information that they are looking for and will save space on the servers.


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