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    I  noticed they were working, randomly, yesterday. If you right click and go to properties it tells you date and time the user was last online. Although this is also wrong! (As explained by Admin)

I also thought it was a microphone. [:$]


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[quote user="Dick Smith"]Why?[/quote]

Cos if I'm offline and you're offline and Louise is as well but I'm still reading new posts from you, it means I must be imagining everyone on the forum and none of you really exist.  So I really have gone mad. 

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[quote user="Forum Admin"]

It signifies whether someone is online or offline.


We run a number of servers simultaneously so it won't show correctly, some members could be on one server, others on another but still viewing the same pages. Something like that anyway...


So that clears that one up.  Ever wished you'd never started something Phil?

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No Dick, you are the only one who is real, the rest of us are only figments of your, or your Mac's, imagination. This topic just proves that - all of our worlds are grey because we don't exist, yours is because you use a Mac.

I thought it was a balloon, shows my childish state of mind I suppose.

Edit - although I am looking at my grey balloon it insists on telling me that I am not online. So not only am I of a John Maajor-esque hue, I am seriously deluded as to my own existence. So as I don't exist I cannot be banned, so I can be as rude as I like...

Pee, po, belly, bum, drawers, and that's just for starters.

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[quote user="JayJay"]I think it shows who's online. .....[/quote]


If so it seems I have been off line for a wee while!..... as I hover my mouse on it, it says that I was last on line on 26 Sept 06 at 19.58.46  .... so all these posts I have scripted since then are pure figments of your imagination folks!! I never wrote them..... [Www]   and decline all responsibility for any nuisance I may have made of myself....  [;-)]

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[quote user="alnmike"] 'I

think therefore I am' or 'doubie, doubie doo' (A punchline for a joke I

can no longer remember)


Cogito ergo sum - René Descartes

To be or not to be - William Shakespeare

Doo be doo be doo - Frank Sinatra

Scoobie Doobie Do - Where are you?

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