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PMing several people?


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No, because the software is configured not to allow multiple messages, so if you try to send the same message to several people you can't. And also you can't choose multiple recipients. And because James says so, and you are probably only doing it to cause trouble (default position).

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[quote user="Jonzjob"]

Is this the definative answer? My old mate Saus I knew that I could rely on you to put it very clearly?[8-)]

I think that I have the correct traduction    yes = you do know & no = you can't. 'hooos a clever boy then????


Sorry, John, I was in a hurry - your interpretation is spot on.

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[quote user="Russethouse"]The answer is that you can't - if you want to send the same message I suggest writing it in word and keep doing copy - paste etc[/quote]

Thank you Gaye, that's what I have done. A bit of a trial, but got there in the end... Ta...

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Yes, I approved them when I looked down a tiny hole in your camera while carrying on 5 conversations (badly) at once. [:P]

But now it seems JayJ has one of me that I only approved, last night, through a haze of Guinness and of  which I have not been granted the priveledge - I use the term loosely - of seeing myself.

John, come onnnnnn, you remember the Guinness, and the wine, you're teasing me now).[:$]

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