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Can someone please tell me why.....


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you may have subscribed to a combination of these options:

"let me know when someone posts in this section of the forum" (specific sections of the forum)

"let me know when someone posts a reply to this post" (if you have either posted a new topic or someone answers to one you have contributed to)

"let me know when a new post is made here" (specific sections of the forum)

check the bottom of the screen for your selected options in each of the relevant forum sections...

you must be logged on for this to show.

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Thanks both

I do have e-mail replies to post ticked, just don't expect to get multiples. It happens all the time with pm's & some of the time with posts. Pleased it's not only me though.

Ironically, I didn't get one for your reply Clair & only 1 for you Russethouse. [8-)]

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