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An easy way to resize photos is to download the Windows Power Tool called 'image resizer'. Once installed you are able to double click a picture and once it opens in the preview window you can then right click and choose to 'resize image' into about 4 different sizes, small, medium etc. It will ten place a new version of the image back into the folder called 'imagexxxsmall.jpg' or 'imagexxxmedium.jpg' depending on what size you selected. hope this helps?

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you will find the download on the RH side of the web page.

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A cheat way of doing this is to send yourself the photo in an e-mail and windows will ask you if you want to "make my pictures smaller".  When they arrive as an attachment, they will be a handy size and you can paste them in.

You can also use companies like


who are free for a small number (200) of photos and allow you to re-size, add tags, urls etc so are very useful for posting and sharing- especially after a few hints and tips from people on this site!

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