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Re: Deleted Posts/Contacting Admin

Dick Smith

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my post was also deleted.  i also wrote a jokey reply to chris' advert.  seems that some people have NO sense of humour and cannot appreciate those of us who retain a bit of fun in our adulthood

c'est domage.  but i am only a new member and obviously not au fait with all the rules and regulations.

has anyone been thrown off the forum and forbidden to return, ever?


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Sweet I think you've got the wrong end of the stick.

The post that was deleted for breaking the rules was accompanied by a few others that didn't (yours and Chris' included). The mods do that because the replies to the original deleted post read as nonsense once that post has been removed.

Yes people have been banned, but usually only if they break the Terms and Conditions again and again and again[Www].

Code of conduct is here http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/465569/ShowPost.aspx


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Yes, people have been banned. One or two have been reinstated and take a full role in this forum. Others just go away (though I was very surprised, last Christmas, to get a nice greetings e-mail from one whom I chucked off when I was a moderator). A few keep coming back under different names (something which itself is now against the rules).

I agree that it could be easier to contact any user, let alone the moderators. Two ways of contacting somebody are:

1. Use the 'report' link at the bottom of a post - this won't get any particular moderator, but all will be notified.

2. Use the 'contact us' link on the magazine home page, and choose 'webmaster and forum admin'.

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Oye Tresco behave yerself it was just again and again. Don't exaggerate [;-)] I read the code of conduct but it had too many big words, couldn't they put in pictures instead............. please.

I say we should vote annually for anyone wanting to put themselves up as a Moderator. As it stands, I would only vote for one of the existing (go figure guys and gals) ! and if this get's me banned, please put a p ussy on for me Dick (ooh errr, that came across all cheeky).

Now where's that smiley, it might just be me saving grace (not sure if they have a saving grace icon on here ?) [:)] and another one for luck.... [;-)]

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