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French Marriage Contract - again!


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Hi everyone,

I am sure the questions below have been covered a million times, but I have ploughed through many pages and are still confused.  So if someone who has practical experience of something similar - please put me out of my misery:

Can you answer the following:-

1. If you have clause tontine in your contract for your permanent french home, on the first death, does the survivor pay 100% inheritance tax on the whole of the value of the property - or anything over 76,000€?  (I have been given two different answers from notaires).

2. Is it necessary to break the clause tontine before you can arrange a communaute mutuelle?  Does this cost a lot?

3. If you have already owned your home for a few years and you arrange a communaute mutuelle, roughly how much should this cost through a notaire?  Again I have spoken to people who have paid so many different prices. 

4. I presume the contract has to be registered somewhere, but understand that some people are being charged a tax for doing so?

5. Does anyone know a good english speaking Notaire in Dept 17 or 16, who has conducted this procedure for you, successfully?

I know this is a lot to cover, but I am going round the bend trying to get to the bottom of this one - there doesn't seem to be anything deffinitely in writing to look up - or maybe there has but I havn't found it!


Thanks so much,



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Boiling a Frog

Can you give the name address and telephone number of this notaire please. we have just been to 1 english speaking notaire and now our heads are spinning, so would like a second opinion as we now seem to hae conflicting information.

thanks in advance.
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He is Maitre Danton-Ferrant, St Angeau  tel no 05 45 39 21 32

I have only used him for house purchase  and as we are married never divorced it was straightforward but he explained various options available to friends of ours who are not married one of whom is divorced but with children.

You do have to put your cards on the table you cannot miss out information such as a child who you dont get on with and not wanting to have him inherit or that you are divorced etcetc  

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Please dogsRus can you give the answers to 1, 2, 3 & 4 when you find out what they are please? We bought our house 2 years ago with a clause tontine added and now wonder if it needs to be changed.

Although we are still living in England at the moment for around 7 months of the year, we may move permanently to France when the house is in a liveable state. Do the laws then change?

French would be stretched to discuss something as important as this. Can anyone help?
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