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Can some one help jonzjob?


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Hi Jonzjob has just contacted me, he is having a problem signing in, he has tried making a new password, but each time he trys to write in a thread it tells him to sign in , which he is doing , but is still being asked to sign in. If some one could contact him, via an email to me, or if you have his email to him, as he'd like to be on for christmas

Many thanks and a Happy Christmas       

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Hi Pamela, thank you for your help, but I am afraid that it's still the
same... I singed in using the p/word Clair sent and it seemed to go OK, but
when I try to post anything it goes back to the sign in screen and won't
accept the p/word. I have tried going in through the change p/word address
that Clair sent me, but that is just the same..

Could you forward this to Clair for me please?
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Try accessing the forum through this link: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/ or, if this is your usual access point, try this link: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/TopicsActive.aspx

Use the password I sent you earlier, unless you have changed it.

Then add the link to your favourites and delete the old link.

Looking forward to reading you soon!

Good luck! [:)]

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Hi Folks, bit there and done that and now you have got me back on the forum. Not sure what happened but you have sorted it now. The silly thing is that I could actually get in on our tower PC but not the laptop.

Thank you for your help. Merry Christmas Clair and Pads. We hope that it had been a good one for you all!![:D]

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