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Use of Real name rather then Pseudo


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NickP wrote

"why you allow such puerile comments to stand on a forum that is supposed

to promote living in France. I'm sure the magazine publishers wouldn't

feel that such comments are in keeping with their approach to gaining

advertising for the publication."

I've thought that a few times too, Nick. I haven't bought the magazine for some time, but there used to be a feature near the end with quotes from forum topics.

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[quote user="NickP"][quote user="AnOther"][quote user="NickP"]I just stated that I didn't understand why people are afraid to use the real names, Ernie.[/quote]Perhaps for the same reason you've chosen not to ?

Do make your mind up [:P]


If you're going to quote me please have the courtesy to use my whole comment, not your edited version to try to make yourself look clever.[/quote]Seemed reasonable enough to me but I'm content to let the readers decide who's trying to look clever.

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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]NickP

Give it a rest. Read the thread again, I did not start the knife 'thing'.

Yes I live in apartment. I have lived in many apartments in France. Yes some areas of France are a tad hot. But that is France. Cliquey French villages is not reality France.

What is your problem exactly ?[/quote]

My problem is that you suggested that I'm the type of person who would track someone down and attack them with a knife an appalling accusation, something that is far from my thought process or way of life.
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Now that things appear to have sorted themselves out I would like to make a few points .....

I remember the unpleasantness with Idun although she had a different user name then.There were at least two others that I recall both of them involving women. One was of a woman who ran a B & B and the other was a young single woman who lived alone and that one ended up with the police. Both of them, like Idun’s, were extremely unpleasant at the time.

PatF - you remember correctly about the forum quotes which used to appear in the magazine. That came to an end when one of our posters took offence and claimed copyright.

After all these years it still surprises me that there are people who have nothing better to do than try to upset other posters.
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I make no apology for continuing this thread.

 I have lived in two different apparts in a french city........ !

The second appart, where we were there the longest, we had a young man who would sit masturbating on the stairs leading up from the landing I lived on, he lived in the flat above us and, 'then' I was young and actually relatively attractive...... whether he chose to do this for my benefit, bearing in mind the age of all other residents...... I do not know!

All I can say is, that those three lots of locks I needed to open my appart door were opened in record speed everytime I got home and I checked in the viewer before leaving. So sometimes the nutter is not outside..........!

And my village was inbetween two cities and lots of residents worked in either city. For me remote enough in the end, but I didn't have to go far for places to really be nulle part in the Alpes.

You see, the things that happened to me in France, were actually very strange and sometimes disturbing...... and nothing of the like EVER happened to me in the UK prior to leaving or since I have returned.

So when I found this rose coloured specs forum, it was not about the life I had lived in France at all...... either in a city or en campagne...... and that I suppose is why I am highly suspicious of places where most posters seemed to be moving to in SW France. Which, in the general scheme of things were considered places to leave and not to move to, by those I knew for many years........... as I knew people who had left those very areas, for work. And my early posts went down like a lead balloon, but they were honest.

So ALBF, your secure apparts, may not be the idyll you imagine, you cannot keep the 'world' out.

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Hoddy, I daresay you and Patf remember my early days on here....... and as I said, not all posters had a go, but never the less, a lot did at the time. Some eventually PM'ing me and apologising.....[:)]

It was 'interesting' to say the least. And over the years, I would see how some posters tone changed, from pink and fluffy to giving good advice and being sensible. Not that I always ended up  being in agreement with them, Q being one of them. But I could see how their lives had, and as I cannot think of a better word, 'evolved' in France.

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Idun - I remember how upset you were, and how it was sorted out, but not the actual post giving your details. I joined in 2001, just before we moved here. The forum had a big re-vamp in 2004, and that's why our joined date is 2004.

Hoddy - TG the forum isn't quoted now in the magazine - I vaguely remember those complaints.

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Another good reason why using your real name might be disadvantageous is that in giving answers to questions you might generate problems for yourself.

Q: How do I get Sky in Blanc-sur-Mer?

A: I did it this way...........

Leaves the answerer open to Sky identifying them and cutting off their service.

There have been multiple questions about re-registration of cars in situations here the car and its user are very mobile and might need to strictly re-register once again within a year. Answers given have included (rightly) the strict letter of the law but also what others have done and their experience which is outside of that strict legal situation. Using their real names would again leave individuals open - in this case potentially to prosecution.

In both cases it may not be the authorities that would create the issue, but potentially other forum members - based on the posts above about the vindictiveness of some forum members (not necessarily this forum).

So if we wish to reduce the helpfulness of the forum and the number of responses then by all means use your real full name.

Furthermore anonymity makes it much more difficult for the ne'er-do-wells of this world to exploit other forum members.

Posts such as, we are off to the UK for Christmas and would like to know.........., is a straightforward invitation to thieves if the poster can be identified. As is the innocent, "just arrived at our French holiday home to find......".

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I have today received a response from Emma Rawle (although she does say she had previously sent me a private message.). Basically the answer is to go to edit your details, and then pseudo in name box and save.

This I have done, and hopefully this will sort it out.

I can see it has worked.
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