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Thanks for a great (and positive) response


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To all of you who took time to reply to my 'nervous' post, a great big thank you! It has certainly made today a bit brighter. We have taken note of the various tips offered, and are in the process of trying to get specific info from DLA. Its looking ok though so far.

As a chef at one time, and up to recently a social photographer, I was hoping to either capitalise on one of those trades, or even offer my services as odd job man etc. The point about not being too remote is a good one, and we have noticed the much better prices in hamlets/villages as opposed to country. So we are really open to everything now and feel in our bones that this is a good move for us.

Again, thank you everyone, this forum is a life line for people like us, hopefully I can help others one day.


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We moved here years ago and last year qualified for UK pension which is now paid every 28 days into our bank account. We run a small campsite which provides a little income but serves the purpose of meeting new friends.

My wife moved over first and declared income of the first years income from the campsite. We have never been asked to provide proof of income (except for tax purposes) and even received a tax rebate after the second year. Whatever income you have, yuou will find it easier to live on it certainly, in this part fo France, the Creuse.

Loads of what one reads in books written by the experts are out of date and seem to provide a 'worst case' scenario. The french are deservedly famous for their love of beaurocracy and their penchant for ignoribg the rules that they don't like.

Most difficult bit for me is struggling with this damn french keyboard.
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It was a positive thing to see you have researched, read and 'done your homework', before deciding to make the move over here.

There is a booklet from Newcastle, which is very helpful and in 'user-friendly' language, to help you look at your options regarding your benefits in the Uk and how they can apply here in France. No doubt Newcastle will be sending you one of these.

You are wise to consider not living in an isolated position, as this was by far, the best piece of advice we received when we looked at moving here, well over two years. This was given to us by a Frenchman, as well. Living in an isolated place can be wonderful, but after the 'honeymoon' period is over, it leaves you in a vulnerable position, by having no-one to converse with, especially meeting French people and you certainly will need to develop your language skills (if you are not already fluent in French) which are vital if you are to seek work and fully become part of the community.

Still it would seem by your letters and responses, that you appear to have the right attitude about making the move. Looking for the snags and other anomalies, not always apparent when reading books or by general researching.

Bonne courage

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