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sitting tenants!


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Can anybody help? Last September my friend rented out her house to a family who were looking for a place to buy and the agreement was that they must leave by the 1st of April.  However, I have been told by another friend who lives nearby, that there is likely to be a problem in getting these tenants to leave.

She only uses the house for holidays at the moment, and is staying with me for a visit to the area next week. She is meeting the tenants by mutual arrangement and at present knows nothing of any impending problem. I am in quite a dilemma - I don't want to worry her unnecessarily if there is no problem, but on the other hand forewarned is forearmed.

What I really need to know, if anyone can help, is - what rights do these people have? I assume she had them sign an agreement, or at least I sincerely hope she did! I know that French law can favour the tenant in a lot of cases.

Please can anyone give some useful advice?


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Tell your friend and she should be giving them notice now.


Tennants do have a lot of rights here. If these people now know the laws then she may well have a big problem on her hands.

There are associations that deal with tennant/landlord issues and disputes that will be able to let your friend know what the laws and her rights are. She could well have to join one of these associations to get this advice. But it is a relatively small amount usually 20-40 euros per year.

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On the right of the above link is a list of the various agencies that deal with locataires. One that perhaps isn't on there is ADIL. ( I would look at the Site Public sur le logement bit first ).

You didn't say if the property was furnished. I think that that may make a difference and if she has an agreement that it is clearly marked for only the short term you've mentioned.


I wish her good look anyway.


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