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legal issues regarding joint ownership & inheritance


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My friend and I are seriously considering buying a home in the Gers region in France.  I am ploughing through books and magazines and the inheritance law seems scary!

Is there anywhere I can read (in English) what the situation would be with regard to inheritance - neither have children, one has brothers/sisters etc but the other does not.

Any help or direction much appreciated.

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There is lots of discussion on this (and other) sites regarding inheritance. Do a search, if you can make it work (which plenty can't).

BUT! Ask a Notaire. This is a real minefield which could cost you (or your nearest & dearest) everything if you get it wrong. He/she will probably be able to give you the advice you need within the terms of a "free" consultation.

Don't ask the bloke in the pub, an accountant, an ENGLISH SOLICITOR, or even an Advocat - ask a Notaire (in France!).

& "Don't ask me!"

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