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Now I know that French bureaucracy is legendary but I wonder whether any of the more experienced full (or part) timers in LF land might be able to offer some advice.

Adjoining my barn is a tiny little house, unoccupied for years and in a sorry state of repair. Part of the roof has collapsed and there is a risk that it could take part of mine with it if if goes any further.

I have discussed with neighbours the history of this property and have approached the Mairie (following advice from my notaire) to pursue the ownership and whether the building can be declared 'sans succession' and whether I can put in an offer.

This has been going on for about a year with the Mairie having submitted details to the local office of the Service des Domaines who I am told will have to research whether there is any mortgage or other loan secured on the property (hypotheque) before any decision can be taken.

The owning family would appear to have had all sorts of problems and thereore the traditional succession route has become frustrated.

I can't actually see that the house is worth anything to anyone else but me and my neighbour has confirmed his willingness to support my application given that we'll both benefit in some way if the place is sorted out.

Each visit to the Mairie results in a Gallic shrug and repeated reference to the 'systeme en France'. I have written several times to the Maire but with a similar result.

Do I:

Approach the Service des Domaine directly (risks hacking off the Maire?)
Move onto the property to secure the roof as best I can?

Does anyone know what the process might be presuming that eventually someone is able to declare the property 'sans succession'?

Does the Commune set a sale price, do I make an offer, do they give me the property because I asked (only joking with that one!).

Sorry its such an epic post but as part timers we are in France for a month in August (I know everything will be closed) and would like to do some rescue work if possible.
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