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Getting the money to the notaire on time!


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Really starting to have panic attacks now as our completion date draws near...so sorry if this is a really daft question, but...

Can anyone tell me how the money is transferred to the notaire for the completion of the sale, we are using a currency broker who can pay into any account (in euros obviously), can I get them to pay straight to the notaire (when they have transferred to me I had to pay a 'receiving' fee, so I assume the same will apply with the notaires account - but how do I find out how much??

(For the deposit I had it transferred to my French account by the broker (paying the fee by Credit Agricole) and wrote a cheque, but this time it would be easier to transfer direct, if we can.)

How and when did people find out the actual amount payable for completion and how to pay?

Any advice gratefully received.........


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A week before completion our english solicitor advised the final bill. At the same time I used a currency broker to transfer the money to my CA account. I then faxed CA before 11 am and the money was with the notaire the next day, only one charge - by CA to receive the transfer.

If you want names, please pm me.


good luck and enjoy!!

PS have you sorted out how you will own the property?

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Here is a tip to get your money to France fast.


Normally if you book your transfer before 2am it will be at the receiving banks holding section the next morning. This is where it sits until it is (often only once a week) claimed, hence the normal eight-day period needed for it to be seen to arrive.


So here is how you speed it all up.

When you send your money from an English bank to France, ask your Cash Teller to ask the international department doing the transfer for the trace number. This number (reference or what-ever) is how banks track the route your money took en-route in case it gets lost. (Your Cash Teller may not have heard of it, so insist contact is made with the international transfers section). When you have the international trace number, give it to the people at the receiving bank and they can use it to claim the money which is sitting in THEIR international department just waiting for it to be claimed.

I have done this several times in an emergency situation and it worked for me (normally I allow eight days as this can be a pain). Try it yourself before you rely on it, as a late payment may cost you dearly.


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We transferred money to our french bank account using our normal bank. I had researched this first and yes, any specialist money brokers reading this will spit and hiss, but I'm afraid Barclays gave me a better rate than my brokers the 3 times I checked and so I went with them. They charged me £20 for fixing the rate admittedly which the brokers wouldn't have done. The money was received seemlessly it seemed by Banque Populaire who then simply wrote me a "cheque de banque" - which is the french equivalent of a UK bankers draft - and I turned up on the day with that for the notaire. NB you have to get the notaires RIB beforehand. Our immobilier gave it to us.

We gave the notaire the cheque de banque, he gave the vendors a cheque, they gave us the keys. So simple.
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