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We are just about to sign the final purchase of our dream home.

The property next door is for sale and travelers are trying to purchase the land on which they intend to put caravans on it.

The seller of the property has agreed to sell the land to myself upward of price.

Should we obtain the land what if the travelers decide to settle on the land or part of our land and state squatters rights.

Please advise.WHAT DO WE DO!!!

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Buy some Levellers and NMA albums to get into the groove.

Aquire a taste for cheap cider.

Lead a skinny dog about on a string.

If you're old enough say you were at Woodstock.

Above all get ready to party coz these cats really know how to party.


This is actually quite serious. I'd tell the seller I was an old hippy myself and that I was looking forward to the place being livened up.

Call his bluff. It all smells like a money extracting ploy to me. Real crustys, if they could buy land, would rather put tipis on it.

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