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What do I need to register a birth?


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We know that in France a baby needs to be registered within 3 days of the birth. We have been told by the hospital to bring a "livret de famille". Not being French, we don't have one. So instead have gathered together copies of everything we can think of that they might ask for namely:

our birth certificates, copies of OUR parents birth certificates, copies of our passports, proof of address, marriage certificate

My mother-in-law has now chipped in and said we need ORIGINAL birth certificates for our parents as well as us. Is this right?

Many thanks,



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My daughter registered the birth of my grandson at the Mairie of the town where he was born.  She didn't need any of those certificates.

Why don't you ask at your Mairie?  I'm sure that they will advise you because your baby will need to be on a Livret....or so I've read.

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The baby's always registered at the town where it is born, so I would ask at the Mairie associated with the maternity unit you are using.

As you said we non french don't have livret de famille, but I would certainly make sure that you have full copies of both parents birthcertificates anyway and we had to fork out a fortune to get ours officially translated. From what has been said on here, you may not need to do this these days, but you need to check up.

 I know we have never had copies of our parents birthcertificates for anything since we have lived in France.


The birth certificates issued by the Mairie are no more than a slip of paper and are only valid for a few months. New ones are issued upon demand from the Mairie where the child is originally registered.

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