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Dangerous Dogs ?


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A couple of days ago my 8 yr old daughter was bitten by a near neighbours dog. She had just got off the school bus, ans there was no provocation. She recieved 3 puncture wounds and bruiising to her upper thigh, and a hole in her jeans. She was also very traumatised by the incident

We phoned the local Gendarmerie, they were not interested, they advised us to contact our local Mairie, which we are in the process of doiing. (Only open 2 afternoons each week)

My main concern is has this dog bitten before? and will it happen again? The owners have assurred us that the dog in question will be kept under control at the school bus drop off times.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the legal situation, I do not want the dog destroyed I am not after revenge. But I do want it recorded officially. The legal situation is clear in the UK.

Please can anyone help.

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I find it odd that the local gendarmerie were not interested and didn't pursue it further. Maybe because you didn't actually make an office plainte they just shrugged it off. Here in our commune, even a loose dog barking at passing people attracts the law imediately who enforce the owner to keep the animal tied up in the garden or put indoors. I would inform the mairie in case it happens again when something must be done and I would visit the owners to show them the damage both to the clothing and your daughter's leg and tell them you have reported it to the mairie but that you are not after revenge as you have said. I would also suggest they get a muzzle if they take the animal anywhere near people again as we all know that once a dog bites they usually do it again.
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