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I am French, but my wife is American. What does she need to work?


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Well, we must moved to Corsica for at least one year.  (We were living in Canada before..)

I am French, and I have my carte d'identitie.  I also have my "livre de famille", which has our marriage registered in it.  (We were married eight years ago.)

Can anyone tell me what my wife needs in order to work here in France?  Our French is pretty sad, and we're just learning slowly.. but we don't have enough yet to properly read the French government websites and understand things.

Hopefully someone here can point us in the right direction.

Does she need a titre de sejour? Can she apply for French nationality? 


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Just from what I remember from what happened to an Australian guy I used to work with, which must surely be a similar situation, he did have to get a work permit, but it was really a formality, he was just waved through and everything was stamped. He was married to a French woman, they also have children, so I don't know if that made a difference. Why would she want French nationality, are you settling here forever? She could get it though, but she doesn't need it. In any case your wife needs to take a trip to the prefecture.
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