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Another scam?


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Dear Customer:

Your billing address doesn't match with your shipping address, please provide the following information in order for us to process your order.

1. Name of the issuing bank.

 2. 3 digits security code on the back of your credit card, or 4 digits code in front of the card for "American Express"

3. Customer service number behind you credit card.

4. Correct billing address of your credit card.

 Thank You.

 Kenneth Ng
Cell Phone Accessories
Digital Camera Camcorder Batteries
Fashion & Chronograph Watches

 Above is an e-mail I received at the end of last year. I had just ordered some stuff from the U.S.A. The web address is correct and the company details below it are correct too, but when I tried to access it by clicking on it it failed. This clown must have information that I had placed the order and I had thought of giving him some details of the Vatican Bank, but thought better of it. I am waiting, but not holding my breath, for a reply from the firm.

Be awair that these people are getting more crafty. If I get a reply from the firm that it was from them then they can still sing, because I am not about to put my banking details in an e-mail!! They will also get a rocket from me for trying to be so very stupid over their security!


P.S. I double checked my order and the 2 addresses are the same and correct [H]!!!

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We've had a few lately purpouting to be from organisations such

as PayPal for goods or services that we haven't actually ordered. They

look pretty authentic and have details of the "original" transaction

are in an attached file. The hope is that in confusion one clicks on

the attachment which, whoops, turns out to be a trojen or similar. Time

and again, the €50 a year I spend on 'Bitdefender' (which I would

cheerfully recommend to anyone - it's not as user friendly as Norton,

but it seems to me at least to be more robust - we had some real

nightmares when running Norton) looks like bloody good value.

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Perhaps some one can tell me how to stop someone else using my E-Mail address, I have had a huge number of bounce backs in the last few days which I certainly didn't send and I haven't opened the attachments which came with them!    Also, yesterday I won a huge sum of money from the UNITED NATIONS???


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You can't - at least not if you continue to use the internet! Your address has been spoofed by a worm, which is probably on someone else's machine. If your AV is up-to-date you will just have to wait for it to die down. I am getting many (50+ a day) 'Registration Confirmation' emails, but these are all taken out by Entourage.
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