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short let legalities


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We hope finally to move into our own house in France at the end of this year. Our present tenants [no problems so far] being a young family, are anxious to buy in the area and therefore move out of our chalet long before their statutory 3 year term ends. My question is: as we would not want the house standing empty over winter months, what are the implications of a short term unfurnished let via this [or another] website? What happens, for example, if we are packed up here in Antwerp, ready to move with all our furniture, and the short term tenants refuse to move out? We all know that tenants have all the rights under French law, and owners have very few. If anyone has in fact done this, or something similar, we should be very grateful for answers. I suppose basically it boils down to whether tenants are honest and reliable and can keep to their word?
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