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Getting married in France


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My partner and I have been together for many years, and bought a house in France almost three years ago. I have just had my 50th birthday, and he is a couple of years behind me, and we think the time is right to get married. When we were over at Christmas we went to the mayor's New Year do, and I started to ask him about the possibility of getting married in his village. He seemed pleasantly surprised, but not altogther sure what documentation etc we would need. He is going to ask for advice, and then when we go over again in February I am going to go and see him, and get more information from him. It then occurred to me that people who read this site may already have gone doewn this route. So, long pre-amble to a very short question, anyone got any advice or information about what we need to get married in France? We are both British nationals.
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We are planning to get married in October.  Here are a some links from my 'wedding' file.




We have got our file from the mayors office, they were very helpfull and marked what we would need, and made a point of saying that the certs could not be more than 6 months old.  I have had to park my plans for the moment due to other circumstances.  We had been planning to move in the summer and get married in October.

Good luck,




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