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Does anyone know or can recommend a company or person who can give good advice about the transfer of land title?    My partner obtained a parcel of land in the Loire some years ago, but unfortunately (no comment!) registered the land in someone else's name.     Since then, we have been paying all taxes etc.     I am sure that the person in whose name the land is currently registered won't have too many objections to getting the title legally reversed/changed but I want to understand the processes involved before we approach her.   All advice gratefully received!



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You need a notaire to make the transfer and should talk it through with one first but you will probably hit the following problems :

You cannot simply give land way, as part of a garden tidyup process friends wanted to do just this as they ended up with a small usleless plot half a kilometre from their house. There has to be a purchase price on which reguistration and Notaires fees are paid.

If the land is about a local minimum size and agricultural then SAFER (  sorry if Acronnim not quite right but local farmers group ) will have a right to bid the same amount of money to return the land to agricultural use.

Notaire will be concerned about possible of money under the table if price for land is greatly below market value.

Vendor may end up with a Capital Gains liability in UK or France as a result of sale

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