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Buying property through an auction.


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We bought our house through an auction 13 years ago.  Easy system as long as you have agreed in writing what the Estate Agents charges are (inc costs for Advocat, which we had) - any doubt then employ an english speaking notaire.  After the auction our Estate Agent congratulated us on the purchase and gave us the price - we asked him to pass the details to our Notaire - told us we did not need another one and to use their notaire.  Phoned us 2 hrs later and stated the price was £2k less and reiterated that we did not need another Notaire - we used one which delayed the sale by some 9 months for the following reasons:

Estate Agent had bought in their name,  deeds were incomplete, draft contract for sale omitted all fees and taxes (as agreed in original document for purchase).

Our Notaire cost us some £800 which we more than saved - if we had paid taxes plus fees then we would have been some £6k down.

There are still sharks out there - free advice is well worth taking but get independant legal advice.  It will cost you upfront but saves you in the long run.  We are delighted with our purchase.


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