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Buying a house with a pool but with no security measures


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What are the implications of buying a house with a pool that does not have any of the required security measures in place.

Would we be liable from Day1 or would there be a grace period whilst the correct security items were put in place.

Many thanks


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Paul ...........

Technically, I am sure that you would be liable from the day you moved in. You have a 99.99% chance of getting away with it, but in my opinion, it's only a matter of time before somebody gets very publically knicked. In every departement, they'll do a foreigner and a French national this Summer, pour encourager les autres. Otherwise, what's the point of such a publicised law?

Anyway, my question would be whether you should not be requiring your vendor to put the required security measures in place? Now, it depends where you are in the purchase negotiation, but if there's nothing there just now, then he is selling something that is illegal.

You should have room for negotiation / manoeuvre in terms of what you want e.g. if he's only prepared to pay for a cheap and chearful alarm (say €500) and you want something fancier, then you can come to some agreement. It seems to me that you have the upper hand on this.

With respect, it's no good asking anyone here about 'grace periods'. It'll depend on how enthusiastic your local enforcers are, but the penalties are severe (€45k).   

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