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Inviting my girlfriend to France


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I have an Asian girlfriend who I would like to come and stay with me in France. I am a UK citizen, but I no longer live there, and I have a registered business in France, pay French taxes etc. My girlfriend comes from an Asian country where it is required to have a visa to go to most countries. Is it possible for a visa to be granted with me as the sponsor? Or do I need to become a French citizen in order to officially invite her here to stay with me?

I would appreciate any advice you can give, before I go to see the French authorities.

Thanks (in advance I hope!)


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Hi Moonraker.

The post you referred to relates to a French citizen inviting an American citizen to France. Unfortunately, visa requirements are more stringent for Asian people, and also there is the fact that I am not a French citizen.

I think I will have to pay a visit to the French Immigration authorities.

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I am not sure if this would be the same sort of situation but...

In England I was a guardian to a chinese girl. After moving to France she wanted to come and visit. I found out that her Chinese passport had to be translated into frech, she needed a visa and also a letter from our local Marie, I think this was a certificate de herbegment, but it was such a long time ago.

I hope your situation is less complicated, Good Luck


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I dont think it is going to be easy.

From what little I do know, you would need to get married in the UK, and then apply for her residence permit in France, once she recieves her UK permit. France doesnt make anything easy.

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Thanks everyone for your replies.

There's acouple of other things which have happened in the past few days. I have registered my business (I am an IT consultant) in France, so now I am officially a taxpayer in France, and potentially an employer. Does this make any difference to the requirements?

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None what so ever. Though you could potentially apply for a work permit for her, and employ her. However that route might be even more difficult and taxing than getting married.

On an aside I am in the IT field myself. Would appreciate it greatly if we could discuss a few things off line.

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For a stay of up to 3 months (short stay - multi entry)

You need to ask at your Marie for an attestation d'accueill (sp?)

which is  an offical invite from you  showing your property owning status, the details of

the house and habitability, and the details of the visit

and all stamped and endorsed by the Marie.

You will also need a timbre Fisacal for 15 Euro's from your local tresoir public.

This needs to be sent to your GF and she will need to apply in her country of residence to the French

embassy/conulate for a short stay visa, will need to show return flight

reservations and travel insurance to cover the period.

I've had to do this a few times for my Thai GF who is at present a student in the UK.

Had problems getting her back into the UK one time though,

they checked out all her documentation

before they'd let her back in.

Uni courses are the cheapest way of getting a long term visa as the courses

are inexpensive and attendance isn't checked. by French immigration (unlike the UK

where less than 70% attendance can result in refusal of an extention.)

Hope this is helpful


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