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Hi we bought our house in 2001 and at that time the vendor agreed but not in writing to let us have first opportunity of buying the land around our house.  At that time it was of interest but as we are now thinking of moving it probably is no longer of interest.  However the vendor has died all all the estate has passed to his children.

The Notaires have now written to me 'Les enfants de M et Mme Jean-Marie Guillon pensent qu'en raison de l'usufruit de Mme Gueriel leur grand-mere et du bail rural en cours sur le terrain, il ne leur parait pas opportun de le vende actuellment.'

I think I understand that they cannot sell because their Grandmother has usufruit and a bail rural.  Do I presume that this is for the lifetime of Mme Gueriel and that after this it does not pass down the line? Again I was aware of an interest but I was told by the vendor that this expired in 2007?  What please is a bail rural.

The Grandmother herself is very old and frail and her memory most unfortunately has gone and her son and her daughter in law look after her affairs.

many thanks


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Oh dear I said I wouldn't discuss legal things with you in case it cost me a lot of money in favour of the the cats home.  [:D]

So at great risk to my wallet, the situation is, as far as I know

The usifruct will apply until the grandmother dies - essentially she has full use of property she does not own.

The Bail Rural relates to an agreement, which may be a written contract or may be verbal, for a farmer to use part of this land.  A Bail Rural has a lifetime of 9 years (which probably explains the expiry date) if it is a written agreement.

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Andyh4 I do not charge people who help me so do not run for cover for in reality I am just a pussy cat and which reminds me to call next week when I am in Cherbourg.  I am grateful Andy so when the vendor told me that the agreement ran out in 2007 seems to be the end of the bail rural.  If I am here then I may approach them but meanwhile just continue expressing my interest.  However if Mme is still alive and as she has a life time interest the land cannot be sold until she dies.  I do not like the thought of dead man's boots so I think I will leave matters where they are.


thanks again



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